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Navigator/ Mechanic.

Position (1st): Navigator
Position (2nd): Competent Crew
Age: 64
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

rockdodger: Yachtmaster Offshore with traditional skills. Easygoing with extensive lifetime experience in Sail / Power yachts and commercial vessels. Experienced with marine engines, Uk/Near Continent preferred.


Iona Wright

Position (1st): Delivery Crew
Position (2nd): Navigator
Age: 57
Nationality: Australian
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 7 hours ago

wind.on.water : Thirty years yachting experience.
Primarily racing including countless off -shore races.

Qualified navigator

Very competent all rounder on yachts
Loads of experience sailing overseas and very long distances
Good at anchoring in any conditions - - anywhere


french sailor available october 2017

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Navigator
Age: 23
Nationality: french
Location: France
Last logged in: 12 hours ago

ouille: Hi ! I would like to join a journey, since I am totally free in october and november 2017


About me

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Navigator
Age: 50
Nationality: LT
Location: Lithuania
Last logged in: 16 hours ago

UBOOTOFF: I was a navel officer, navigator. Experience voyage more 90.000 miles. I'm capable of sailing unlimited distance and time.


Mechanical Civil Engineer and experienced crewmember

Position (1st): Navigator
Position (2nd): Engineer/Mechanic
Age: 24
Nationality: Belgian
Location: Peru
Last logged in: 17 hours ago

DavidCrew: - knowledge in mechanics and electronics. Experience with dinghy engine.
- 5000 NM through Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean from October to februari
- various experiences : 9m old boat with auto helm broken, 18m hinckley sw59 with modern equipment (familiar with electrical winch, AIS, radar..), Beneteau Océanis 54 ..
- learned fast. Can stand watches on my own.
-own travel insurance
-likes fishing .. hope you have a fishing rod on board !
-travelling with a guitar :)


Lane Gowen

Position (1st): Navigator
Position (2nd): Competent Crew
Age: 59
Nationality: United States
Location: United States
Last logged in: 19 hours ago

I have retired early to travel. I am a "blue water" sailor (Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, etc.). Most recently I have been to the Bahamas, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Florida, and now New Orleans. I live in a nice old home about 2 kilometers from the French Quarter (10 minute bike ride if you go slow). Well educated and very polite. I run 2 miles every morning to City Park and back home (ride my bike the rest of the time). Bachelors and Masters Degrees from a major university (Big 10 conference). Fun-loving guy and a bit of a romantic. These days you will generally find me in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals…I'm a pretty casual. Love a good conversation and a glass of wine.

1. I am single, a United States citizen, 61 years old, Marine Corp Officer Reserve (inactive duty), and in excellent health (currently run 2 miles each day).
2. Excellent swimmer with CPR training and first aid.
3. I love blue water sailing having sailed the Atlantic and Caribbean and know my knots. My bother has a Lagoon 500 which he sails around the Caribbean and on which I have crewed. Just returned from a voyage which started in Tampa, FL, through the Florida Keys, to the Bahamas, and back to Tampa. Heaviest seas I have experienced are 3 to 4 meters; most of the time in .5 to 1.5 meter seas. Haven't been seasick.
4. Master Gardener.
5. Great cook.
6. Superior general maintenance and construction skills.
7. Experienced senior leadership in food and heavy manufacturing.
8. My passport is current. Also, I have Global Entry and an international driver's license.
9. Positive attitude, easy going, and a self-starter.
10. I can cover my travel, food, and miscellaneous expenses.


Daniel Warda, Deckhand/ Diver/OS Looking to Work on Boat!! :)

Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Navigator
Age: 24
Nationality: Polish
Location: Poland
Last logged in: 1 days ago

dw2k10: Hello :) My name is Daniel Warda, I’m 24 years old and from poland.
Currently I finished Gdynia Maritime Academy where I already obtained relevant experience.
I have 6 months experience on cruise vessel and another 6 months on sailng vessel and other small yachts, boats. I have boat driving license and I have a lot of experience at driving. I also have diver licence. I worked 3 seasons in divng center in Polnad, I enjoy working with people and I am strong and focused team player. I have got all needed SCTW certificates. In free time i am a photographer, diver, traveler I am available for work from now!


Navigation Officer looking to enter the superyacht industry

Position (1st): Navigator
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 24
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 1 days ago

Matt.matt: .


Yachtmaster looking for more experience in long cruises

Position (1st): Navigator
Position (2nd): Competent Crew
Age: 31
Nationality: Argentina
Location: Argentina
Last logged in: 1 days ago

Superkuate: Sailing instructor looking for opportunities to gain experience in different kinds of voyages. Always available to sail.



Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Navigator
Age: 54
Nationality: USA
Location: United States
Last logged in: 2 days ago

uldb65: USCG 100-ton of motor, steam, auxiliary sail, assistance towing. 3rd issue (15 years)
STCW 95/2010, Radar Unlimited, General Radio, GMDSS
Charter and delivery captain, racing skipper, flotilla leader. 85,000+ sea miles as captain on vessels from 33 to 85 feet, mostly sail, both mono and catamaran.
Experience in North and South Pacific, through Panama Canal, North and South Atlantic, Mediterranean, Alaska and Inside Passage, Southeast Asia, Australia.

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