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Uruguay and Patagonia 2018

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: France
Destination: Uruguay
Logged in: 3 hours ago

Anson: August 2017
Hello, bonjour,
For a voyage from France to Uruguay (March/April/May 2018), I am looking for one lady crew, classic, well mannered, non smoker, outdoor entusiast.
Possibility to sail further to Patagonia (Nov 2018 to March 2019) and around the world.
Meeting in South Brittany.
Details upon request.
A bientôt,


Adventure Sailing in the Caribbean and Central America - 2017/2018

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:33 f
Location: Colombia
Destination: Trinidad and Tobago
Logged in: 7 hours ago

Tsamaya: Tsamaya sailed from Scandinavia autumn 2016 and the thought about sailing around the world is growing stronger and stronger.
But there is no rush..

The Caribbean and Central america need some attention before we move on to the next big ocean.

Tsamaya is now located in Cartagena, after a stormy finish of the season new sails have been ordered. The hull needs repainting well, the list goes on..
The goal is to have the boat ready for another seasong in the carabean sea by October/November.

Not looking for paid crew.
Need to have a open mind and a big heart.
On Tsamaya we share the workload and expenses the daily cost is around 30€/per day

No need to know how to sail, Ill teach you.
But be ready for some proper sailing, the engine is shit so we sail everywhere. the dingy has no engine so we row. The kitchen has no fridge but I guarantee you will get some of the best meals in your life. The anchor has no winch so we use our pull it up by hand!

If are a filmmaker, pirate, electrician, hussler or have some other interesting thats a plus.

Check out the fb page for updates on current locations and to see some photos.

One Love!

Patrick J

Sailing to Patagonia channel

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:38 f
Location: Argentina
Destination: Chile
Logged in: 12 hours ago

Patrick J: Hi everybody,

For sailing in Patagonia canals I created an sailing association "Objectif Voile" (sailing objective).
We made a website for explain the programme but unfortunately it is in French language.
we offer 4 sailing trips from Ushuaia !
- Cape Horn - Darwin Cordillera Glaciers
- Cape Horn - States Island
- Falkland Island
- Patagonia Channel from Ushuaia to Puerto Montt

If you have any question send me a message at

Hope see you to Patagonia

Salut tout le monde,

Pour naviguer dans les canaux de la Patagonie, j'ai créé une association de voile "Objectif Voile"
Nous proposons 4 circuits au départ d'Ushuaia!
- Cap Horn - Glaciers de la Cordillère de Darwin
- Cap Horn - Iles des états
- Iles Malouines / Falkland
- canaux de Patagonie d'Ushuaia - Puerto Montt

Si vous avez une question, dites-moi à

J'espère vous voir en Patagonie


looking for crew

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:11 m
Location: Uruguay
Destination: None
Logged in: 13 hours ago

Saturnin: S-a-t-u-r-n-i-n- : after 8 years sailing in the South , between Chile , South-Georgia , Falklands etc ...
Now heading north . Just arrived in Uruguay a week ago from the Falklands islands .
Single handed normally , but I wouldlike someone to share the navigation ,
So if someone is looking for some sailing along south america coast ( Uruguay , Brazil , and ... ) , don't need to know sailing , but to be friendly , motivated , love nature , enthusiast ...
I'm french , have a simple 11 meters steel cutter .
you can email :


Crewing opportunity...

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Saint Lucia
Destination: Colombia
Logged in: 19 hours ago

SunLegend: Looking for amateur crew, little or no experience is ok…

English sailor looking to share the exploration of the Caribbean......

Must be a non smoker, no funding so you must get yourself to the boat and back at your own expense. Once on the boat you will need to cover your own costs, food, social and check in fees, plus make a small contribution to the running costs of the boat, but do not stress about this, its not a charter so its not about making money from someone...

Must be willing to share in boat duties, maintenance, cleaning, cooking, and of course the beautiful art of sailing…

Can offer a large private cabin, large shared bathroom and a relaxed living area..
It's not a party boat, searching more for the remote and the natural.

If you are a peaceful living soul we will get on, no problem…
Sorry but not looking to take couples...

Need more info?
Message me....

Sy Fairwinds

Sailing in the Caribbean and Central America

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:16 m
Location: Colombia
Destination: Panama
Logged in: 1 days ago

Sy Fairwinds: This is not an add from a lonely old man looking to find a relationship, nor is it an add from a older couple to find someone to take care of the dirty or heavy tasks.

We are a young and energetic group of people looking for like-minded people to take part in the adventure of a lifetime, and share the costs related to it. No paid position, shared costs

Give me a shout if you are interested to join the crew.
More info and contact no

Best regards
Fredrik Molin


Cruising crew for Panama

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Colombia
Destination: Panama
Logged in: 1 days ago

Merlot56: Sailing from Colombia to San Blas, Panama mainland then up western side of the Caribbean. Looking for crew who want to share the adventure. Non smokers only. Prefer with some sailing experience.


Relaxed island hoping in the Caribbean

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:15 m
Location: Colombia
Destination: Panama
Logged in: 1 days ago

Wispa: I am currently in San Andres and Prividencia, Colombia.
Will be sailing to Cartagena and Bocas del Toro during August through November.
San Blas and Cuba are next, starting in December.

Have been sailing the Eastern part of the Caribbean for most of the past 3 years, between St Martin and French Guyana, and logged over 6000 miles before I got to South Carolina in the US, where the boat sat at a Marina For 8 months.
Left SC last March and started to head South, visiting the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Looking for crew/company for any or all segments, or just visit while I am at any location.
I don't smoke and I don't drink. Very sportive, like to do paragliding when I can and fell in love with spearfishing, doing it whereever possible.
Starting to take kitesurfing on.

I was born in Argentina and moved to the US 12 years ago. Have been living on the boat for most of this past 4 years.

Speak fluent English, Spanish and French. Reasonable German and Portuguese.


John Little S/V Tinorca

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:13 m
Location: Brazil
Destination: Trinidad and Tobago
Logged in: 1 days ago

Tinorca: Hi, I'm looking for crew to sail from Cabadelo in Joao Pessoa in north eastern Brazil to head off to Trinidad and Tobago for some surfing, diving and chilling. I intend sailing from here in the first week in February 2018.
I need some crew to assist with the sail and sailing around Trinidad and Tobago.
Tinorca is a 43; (13m) aluminium sloop, comfortable and easy to sail, has most of the mod cons without being a "gin-ferry"
I have sailed from South Africa via St Helena island to Salvador and been in Brazil now for 4 months



Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Tall Ship
Size:38 m
Location: Colombia
Destination: Panama
Logged in: 1 days ago


we have a fix crew of 3 people on board and allways need some additional hands (payingwise= 80usd&day for short term untill 7 days and 60usd for longer terms untill 14 days........for a minimum of 3 month 20usd&day (thats for the first stay...people that come for a second tie crewing do not pay and after second we also pay flights.

so what we are looking for is generally more people that come for a minimum time of 3 month (max 4 month)

it is possible to join for less time only payingwise like described before...the shorter you come the more will be the payment

the ship is a 114 years 0ld tallship (staysailschooner), steel, 240tons, 38meter lenght, in good seaworthy conditions.


The minimum amount of time for crewing on the Stahlratte is 3 months, mainly because it takes some time to get into all the ships technical systems and the necessary works! newcomers have to pay there own food/basic axpences of 20us per day for the first 3 month.
when coming second time crewing there is no more expenses and for the third time we pay flights to get on board and back home.

How long you will be staying on board in the end depends highly on our working atmosphere as a group, as this is the most important thing for a group of people living and working together in this "small world", where you will even spend most of your free time together...this can be a challenge!
For this same reason it is also important not to be afraid of confrontations, because at some point the necessicity will arise to discuss things and situations!

Acatually on our tours between panama and colombia we are carrying travelers and their it is passengers and deckscargo we are transporting (up to 20 heavy motorcyles and up to 22 pax)

so basic works on these tours are:

--loading, lashing and cover of deckscargo
--cooking for guests and crew
--maintaining ships technical equippement (generators/engine/watermaker etc)

Maintaining this ship and organising the Tours is a lot of work. For you to be able to get an overview of how things work on the "Stahlratte" we will describe the general routine in the following:

We do approx. 2 Tours consisting of 4 days per month. Each tour needs about 2 days time for preparation i.e. shopping, cleaning, organizing we spend about 12 days in total each month concentrating on Tours.

During these tours we will be very busy especially with organizing the catering for a possible total of 24 we are 3-4 people crew normally, we do not have much time during these tours to relax, even if the guests are asked to help us in everything (cooking,cleaning, watches).

Most of the ships maintenance work is done during our stay in Cartagena between the tours, as this is an industrial harbour and materials, spare-parts etc. are easy to find.

the maintenance works are basicly:

--fight against the rust (grinding; nailhammering; painting
--technical repairs and overhaul (generators, mainengine, watermaker, pumps, hydraulicv equippement...etc)
--rigg works and sailrepairs

it is a lot of Industrial work to do: DIRTY AND EXHAUSTING

We always spend some time in San Blas between the Tours to relax and enjoy the paradise, but even there sometimes things need to be done for the ships maintenance but generally we are not doing anything else than emergency repairs during these days.

The maintenance works are very diverse...there will always be a lot of cleaning involved! Keeping decks and rooms clean, repairing sails, replacing ropes, unrusting and painting, changing the oil of generators, greasing the anchor-winch...ect. ect. ect....
All these works are accompanied by the daily things to do: always checking the generators, charge level of batteries, bilge water content, drinking watertank content, refilling the fridges with cool drinks, checking the vegetables and fruits to take out the bad ones..etc

In our experience the crew works well, when everyone feels responsible for everything and also for everybody. People who lack the ability to see things that need to be done and who need to be provided with tasks makes life on board difficult for all the rest.
very important is to know that as a crewmember you are not coming to "help" when somebody else does works...yourself are asked to work and you will need to take responsabilities and animate yourself doing things ...that all means very quick learning as there will be a load of works you probably have never made before.

This description is not designed to shock you, but it should avoid wrong expectations!
In general you should be able and like to take responsibility, enjoy group-life and -dynamics, cooking, being active and take the iniciative.
You will have to learn some things like how to work with the sails, a bit of seamanship, a bit about motor-maintenance, basic navigation and cooking for up to 22 people, but as long as you are willing to learn, to work and take your part of responsibility you will not need to have knowledge about sailing and ships....this world will be yours in NO time ;)

we are especially looking for people interested in coming back crewing and intensify there skills and konwledge on board and be able-body-sailors or even first mates and so we do pay flights for people when coming 3rd time.
very interesting for stahlratte are allways people with good handcrafts experience...woodworkers, welders etc

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