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Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:17 m
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: England
Logged in: 23 minutes ago

SandyT: I am seeking crew fist to move boat up river Dart to Milford Haven with the view of a regular crew for going later around uk and mediterean with day week or multi month trips
Need your own life jacket pillow and blanket


Pati SV

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:14 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Cape Verde
Logged in: 2 hours ago

PatiSV: We are a live aboard couple with our cat and traveling from Marmaris Turkey to Caribs by Greece islands, Sicily, Sardinia, Spain, Canaries, Cape Verde and Caribs. We are sailing in a relaxed schedule based on having pleasure from our voyage. We welcome any help on board on cost share basis to join us any of the stops on the route. Currently in sardinia mid next week start passage for ballerics.


Uruguay and Patagonia 2018

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: France
Destination: Uruguay
Logged in: 3 hours ago

Anson: August 2017
Hello, bonjour,
For a voyage from France to Uruguay (March/April/May 2018), I am looking for one lady crew, classic, well mannered, non smoker, outdoor entusiast.
Possibility to sail further to Patagonia (Nov 2018 to March 2019) and around the world.
Meeting in South Brittany.
Details upon request.
A bientôt,


Mediterranean sea summer sailing

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:41 f
Location: Italy
Destination: France
Logged in: 4 hours ago

Knaii: I look for easy going Crew


Capitain Skipper

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:39 f
Location: Thailand
Destination: France
Logged in: 5 hours ago

punk-rider: Want find a professional skipper to bring a boat from Phuket Thailland to France Toulon


Sailing from Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK to the Gulf of Biscay (France/Spain)

Crew wanted: Nanny
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: France
Logged in: 15 hours ago

Bonito: Foreword:
We just found out beginning of 2017, that my wife has terminal (7-10 years, but not dead yet) bone marrow cancer (Multiple Myeloma) and is undergoing treatment (doing well so far too) here in the UK in Southampton. So we are stuck here for a while (maybe years, who knows). Our Mommy is going to be in the hospital for about a month for her own stem cell transplant. She will be in isolation and the kids aren't allowed to see her, so we have agreed on we will take a trip down south and have fun. So we are still looking, for someone, who wants to sail with us, we will be going to France and maybe Spain, just not across the big pond for the moment, till everything stabilizes.
The kids need a break too, we have had too many hours at hospitals this year already. So, I will be taken our kids away from hospitals and death and grumpy old people for a little break. There is no date set as of yet, but something around August/September and for about 4 weeks give a few.
We are based in Cowes (no Cows actually around here, so don't ask :), on the Isle of Wight, the bottom end of the cold UK.

Thank you for understanding.

Looking for someone fun, amateur crew/nanny who wants to learn or brush up their skills (prefer girls due to having two girly daughters).
Sailing from the Isle of Wight, UK, via Channel Islands, then somewhere around the Golf of Biscay. Then back to rainy UK.
1 Adults (childish) sailing with 2 kids (girls) and a dog (puppy).
Inquire for more info.
mobile/facetime: 0777 210 7172
skype: europium157

To answer a few questions, ahead of time.
I have been sailing for nearly 40 years on and off and owning various sailboats. I still am an avid windsurfer. I have done the ocean passage from US to the UK via the Azores in this boat. The boat has a new chart plotter, radar and VHF with AIS (commercial ship tracking) and radar.
The boat has a windvane, trimmed (tuned) the sails, so the boat, steers it self. Easy to do :) I'll show you if needed.
As to the length of the trip, I am planning for 3-4 weeks roundtrip.
A crew of max 2 additional, this way there's is more room for everyone on board. The boat has a total capacity of 7 berth.
We are a family of 2 kids (5&8) and wife and I plus dog.
The sailboat is a 1986 O'Day 40 foot sloop. If you like, email us and we’ll send you some pictures. :)
Basically, what I would be asking you, is steering/watch and maybe a extra hand if needed, or to look after the kids (they are lovely and don’t really need supervision, its just in case), rest would be chilling time for reading a book or whatever your pleasure is :) .
Final destination is Martinique in the Caribbean maybe USA (depends on you).
I have a private pilot license (Airplanes), and I am very picky when it comes to safety! Therefore there will be absolutely NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL on board. That doesn't mean you can't have a beer/wine, just be sober when we set sails again :)
Hope that answers some questions. Please feel free to ask anything you like to know!
If you are truly interested, then I would say, we should have a chat on the phone/online and go from there. Also I would like to have a recent photo of you, please.

You got what it takes?



Convoyage Greece-France Hallberg Rassy352

Crew wanted: 1st mate
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Greece
Destination: France
Logged in: 17 hours ago

Meteore2: Boat owner is looking for 1st mate or amator crew for the bring back his sailing boat from Creta to France


Skipper waits for a Siren

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: France
Destination: Indonesia
Logged in: 20 hours ago

SkippSO45DS06: I'm looking for friends (girl) in the first Time. After life will decide...
I have a sailboat Sun Odyssey 45DS. I am in "Calanques of Cassis" but i would like to go Indonesia or Caraibes...
I'm open in life in general...
I'm 42 years old.
Are you ready to try ?

Je recherche plutôt des amies femmes, dans un premier temps pour naviguer. La vie fera le reste...
j'ai un voilier Sun Odyssey 45 DS. Actuellement tout près des Calanques de Cassis à La Ciotat.
J'aimerais passer l'été en France et partir vers l'Indonésie ou les Caraibes (rien est décidé pour le moment) en automne.
Très ouvert dans la vie en générale.
Je viens d'avoir 42 ans.
Êtes vous prêtes pour tenter l'aventure ?


Lake Ontario Sailing

Crew wanted:
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:43 f
Location: Canada
Destination: Local sailing
Logged in: 21 hours ago

Beneteau423: I have six years of keelboat sailing under my belt. Sailed on Lake Huron (Georgian Bay), Lake Ontario, and the Caribbean (in the vicinity of Sint Maarten). This summer (2017) will be one of my last summer sailing on the Great Lakes as I am planning to untie the lines and head south in the summer of 2018. Looking forward to some weekend and evening sailing based out of Toronto this summer and next, in addition to doing the final outfits for extended sailing down south.


South Adventure

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:33 f
Location: Canada
Destination: Bahamas, The
Logged in: 1 days ago

skyeblue123: Looking to go from Lake 0ntario to Bahamas & BVI leaving Ontario in late September. Via Erie Canal, Hudson River then In & out of the East Coast ICW,

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