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Find professional boat jobs, yacht deliveries, holidays and beginner sailing opportunities right here! Paid and unpaid.

This page is the best place for crew to start searching for work on boats and yachts, professional or amateur positions. Crewbay is a great resource for finding both full time or part time professional sailing work as well as unpaid boat positions and casual crew work. Use the search boats facility to narrow down the list of boating opportunities or simply browse the latest logged in boat entries below. Alternatively you can try some of our more popular searches for sailing jobs or click here to view the most recently registered opportunities. To view a boat owner's profile in detail you will need to be logged in to Crewbay. If you do not have an account yet then please click here to register.

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weekly and daily charter.

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:16 m
Location: Croatia
Destination: None
Logged in: 6 minutes ago

assai: weekly and daily charter.


Sailing Croatia - Caribbean 2018

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Croatia
Destination: No specific country (Caribbean)
Logged in: 21 minutes ago

Gregory74: Hi, I would like to fulfill my long-cherished dream in spring/summer 2018 and go on a longterm trip. Croatia - Greece - Gibraltar - Cape Verde - Caribbean and perhaps the South Pacific and beyond (everything remains open).

I'm looking for a nice, open minded, german- or english spoken girl, who likes to be with me and have a hand for the boat for a part or the whole trip.

Sailing experience is not essential and I will be happy to teach you.
Hop on hop off is possible (almost) at any time.

Owned my "Taloa" for 10 years, a save 10m yacht of BrucerRoberts equipped for long-haul and single-handed with 3 cabins for approx. 4 persons.

If you like to discover foreign countries, sailing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, enjoy Sundowner, get on with the close on board and have enough time-out then you are right.

Testsailing is possible and welcome.

Hi, möchte mir im Frühjahr/Sommer 2018 meinen lang gehegten Traum erfüllen und auf Langfahrt gehen.
Kroatien - Griechenland - Gibraltar - Kapverden - Karibik und vielleicht auch Südsee und weiter (bleibt alles offen).

Suche nette Weltoffene, deutsch- oder englischsprachige Sie, die auch gerne mitangreift und eine Hand fürs Boot hat und mich auf einem Teil oder dem ganzen Törn begleiten möchte.
Segelerfahrung ist nicht unbedingt nötig und bring ich Dir gerne bei.

Ein und Aussteigen ist (fast) jederzeit möglich.

Besitze die "Taloa" seit ca. 10 Jahren eine sichere 10m Stahlyacht von BrucerRoberts ausgerüstet für Langfahrt und einhandtauglich mit 3 Kabinen für ca. 4 Personen.

Wenn du gerne fremde Länder entdeckst, segelst, wanderst, schnorchelst, schwimmst, Sundowner genießt, mit der enge an Bord zurecht kommst und genügend Auszeit besitzt dann bist Du richtig.

Probesegeln ist natürlich möglich und erwünscht.


Sail from Turkey to Portugal

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:11 m
Location: Turkey
Destination: Portugal
Logged in: 51 minutes ago

Yoram: Looking for competent crew to accompany me going west through the med. Starting in South turkey coast, then Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, baleric islands, main land Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal by October.

I'm looking for competent crew with experience. Responsible, aware, knowledgeable, curious, people whose main motivation is love of sailing, like to share their knowledge and experience and explore new grounds. Crew I can learn from will be the best choice. Male, female. Preferably active people with high energy levels, with good nature and respects the other. Someone who can also hold a camera and produce a usable video shot/image would be the best

The boat is a classic British sailboat of a very solid build and was very well maintained by its previous owners for 25 years and by myself since I got it. It has all that a safe and comfortable sail might require. With an aft and fore cabins, each with its own head, one hot water shower, fully equipped galley and comfortable berths in the cabins, saloon and pilot area, a safe and comfortable center cockpit (long benches!), this boat is truly the best for my plan and will make its crew love it.

Boat expenses such as fuel, oil, berthing, entry/exit fees, food, drinks etc are to be shared equally. Crew travel expenses, passport fees and personal expenses are on the crew.

I sail with an open mind, love people, can appreciate their and my privacy when needed and respect the needs and requirements of others. I eat healthy, simple and tasty food of local produce. I do web and content development off of my laptop for a living. I prefer anchoring in quite and protected spots, nature-rich places, and would avoid marinas and busy, noisy, touristic places when possible. Safety is very important, as well as the upkeep of the boat and its ongoing care from the micro to the macro. As crew you are expected to participate in all work done on the boat. We see all people on the boat as equal in terms of sharing responsibilities and everything else.
Crew is expected to participate in the ongoing maintenance and improvements of the boat ( there's always some great project going), and in shifts while under way.
I hope you'll find my requirements, sail plan, boat and idea of sailing appealing so we can enjoy sailing and learning together.


Sailing the Peloponnese coast,Saronics & Cyclades from June-October 2017...

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:44 f
Location: Greece
Destination: None
Logged in: 1 hours ago

twizzr: Few spaces for end of August.and September

..Come sailing the Peloponnese, Saronic and Cyclades with a chance of the Dodecanese. On a comfortable fast OLDER style yacht that I have owned for 25 years..The boat can sleep up to nine with two heads/showers.four cabins. I am based in Greece, with easy access from Airport and Piraeus on a ferry or flying dolphin.
So far we have crew from Austria, Austrailia, England, Holand, New Zealand and Wales coming sailing ( not all at the same time ;-) )
Now that my wife and children no longer want to sail as much. I find myself with weeks free and was thinking of having 1-2 or 3 people to join me for, one, two or three weeks at a time, or longer if compatible? But no more than 4 crew at any time. Single persons welcome but no romance wanted
The yacht has been set up by me for single hand sailing,( that some will find DIFFERENT)
This is more an opportunity for people to have an enjoyable holiday at the same time as sailing and get more miles and experience at a fraction of the cost of chartering their own yacht.

Contributions of 25€ per day towards the boat + a share of fuel berthing and food about 10 euro per day.
Meal ashore at your own expends.

... .........................................................

As Skipper would be in charge of the day to day running of the yacht, however, I would like all crew to have as much fun as possible whilst aboard. Managing day to day running of a yacht, provisioning, passage planning, weather forecasting, anchoring. stern to mooring, keeping the ship tidy, this would be a large part of this trip, rather than just
A golden opportunity to enjoy sailing the Aegean in a relaxing manner, combined with sightseeing the islands .....

Friends /crew
That would like sailing and have fun at the same time as making new friends, visiting new places. on an adventure aboard a sailing yacht around the Greek islands.Any age/sex 30 +, MUST BE FINANCALY SOUND and NON-SMOKER............ NOT looking for any ROMANCE OR FREELOADERs..!

Most days on the water we will sail between 20-60 miles and at the same time having a bit of fun fishing, snorkelling, swimming, dolphin and whale spotting (Seen Two in 20 years, so don't hold your breath) and only drinking alcohol when tied up safe in port. (a very cold beer with lunch) otherwise a dry ship at sea, with ZERO tolerance for drugs.

Note. As Skipper, I will try and accommodate all ideas and suggestions, but my word shall be final. ..Santorini at the height of the Meltemi will be low on the list of priorities.unless using the ferry from Naxos or Ios.

Please remember this is not a HIRE, CHARTER or SCHOOL boat, you must have sailing experiance

I shall advise you to have your own Travel/accident insurance for the duration of your time in Greece/Turkey The yacht is insured.however this request is for your personal safety for your time on board and when away from the yacht. THIS IS IMPORTANT !!!! .......................................................................................................................................
By you responding to this opportunity, I will understand you accept these terms.

I haven't, hidden anything? Please remember a new set of sails for this boat cost 15,000 euro+ New last year, there a new dinghy for this year's crew @1000 euro, Liferaft, 6 automatic life jackets at 100 euro each.
So contributions are mostly put back into the boat. Next year if you come back it will be even better

ps. I have a small friendly dog on board,

Cheers bob


Search a stewardess

Crew wanted: Hostess/Steward
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:24 m
Location: Italy
Destination: None
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Malai: Still searching a stewardess for next season , fluent English/French


Sailing Cruise

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:15 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 1 hours ago

mg: Finance professional that left the rat race to go sailing at a leisurely pace... I’m Easy going, Passionate about sailing, Fit, Fun loving and always up for an Adventure... Looking to enjoy Nature and the Beauty of our Planet while taking time to enjoy the Sunsets...

I plan to sail down the Red sea to Asia and perhaps the South Pacific but until the situation in North Africa stabilizes just happy sailing around the Greek Islands...

I am looking for a fun, adventurous lady, capable to assist with piloting, watch keeping...
If your imagination is fired up about sailing and you're curious about the world... If you’re a sparkling woman with a great open hearted laugh... If you love spontaneous outdoors adventures, are enthusiastic and willing to go on little exploration treks on land... If you’re a strong believer humor and sarcasm are the spice of life...
If such characteristics are yours, drop me a line I'd love to have you along for the cruise...


allrounder / mechanic / mate

Crew wanted: Engineer/Mechanic
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:28 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Libertyint: Seeking an allrounder / mechanic (perhaps mate) for 1 to 2 months for our 28 m motoryacht lying Greece (with a possibilitiy for next season too). We require a "hands on" person. If you are available at short notice kindly make contact through sending your CV and indicate your moderate financial expectations. In addition we provide flights, food and accomodation on board. (p.s. EU nationality or visitors visa is required)

Kind regards R. Ruedin


Join me now in the Ionian Sea to sail around the Greek islands

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:11 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 2 hours ago

Sailerman: Hi I am looking for adventurous individuals to join me cruising in the Ionian sea. I sailing round the Ionian sea visiting various islands, my final destination will be Preveza where my boat will be lifted out. Some experience of sailing is preferable but a willingness to learn and help is essential. My goal to arrive in Preveza ready for the boat to be lifted for the winter but prior to this I intend sail round the islands of Ionian Sea, calling in at various bays and ports.
The expense is shared for moorings, food, fresh water, fuel and gas, also travel expenses to and from the Greek Islands is of the crews expense.
I am hoping for a once in a lifetime experience with lots of relaxation, snorkelling, anchoring off and soaking up the culture and scenery in various ports.
I have a Beneteau which provides private double cabins for crew and shared cooking, washing and eating areas.
I look forward to discussing further the trip and organising potential crew members availability dates. give us a call Tel: 07582629288 look forward to speaking with you


Recreational crew for catamaran sailing wanted.

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Spain
Destination: Italy
Logged in: 2 hours ago

SY-Kanoa: We have dreamed of sharing our journey with friends, travelers and sailors. Sail with us, dive with us, chill with us and join our adventure...


Pati SV

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:14 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Cape Verde
Logged in: 2 hours ago

PatiSV: We are a live aboard couple with our cat and traveling from Marmaris Turkey to Caribs by Greece islands, Sicily, Sardinia, Spain, Canaries, Cape Verde and Caribs. We are sailing in a relaxed schedule based on having pleasure from our voyage. We welcome any help on board on cost share basis to join us any of the stops on the route. Currently in sardinia mid next week start passage for ballerics.

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