About Crewbay

2004 - 2011Welcome to Crewbay and thanks for taking time to read about us.

What is Crewbay?

Crewbay is a professional online crewing service designed to connect amateur and professional yacht crew with sailing and power boats from all over the world. Designed for your ease of use, Crewbay can help you find crew or boats quickly and 100% FREE.

About Us

It’s FREE!

Since being taken under new management in March 2011, our main change to Crewbay is that we’re now totally free! Previously Crewbay offered premium membership, and put restrictions on non-paying crew. We believe that any service that doesn’t vet their members shouldn’t ask for payment. There are no enticement initiatives (pokes, waves and nudges) that send a generic mail to show you’re interested in a particular boat or crew person, lulling you into parting with your money to gain full access. Crewbay simply provides you with this and lets you interact at your leisure. The Crewbay team is run by boating enthusiasts who are willing to invest time and money in a site they believe will help like minded people. The success of the site is payment enough!

Communication is everything

Whether you’re here to find a job, crew or simply meet like minded people, we think effective, coherent communication is paramount. Therefore Crewbay will continually upgrade and enhance the way our members interact. Boarding a boat for the first time or taking on new crew is a big jump for anyone and therefore you should have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. If you have an idea or suggestion visit our contact page.

Where did Crewbay come from?

Crewbay was initially designed and developed in 2001 as part of a University of Westminster project. The creators were a young couple who’d grown up sailing the South coast of England, inspired after a summer of struggling to find sailing opportunities. It was clear that there needed to be an online platform to link both boats with crew. With little investment Crewbay was born.

Crewbay going forward

With any website the key to a brighter future is continual development. Crewbay intends to act on the feedback from you the user. We want our members to pave Crewbay’s future! You can find development updates under ‘Crewbay News’ on the right hand side of the page.